Julia Roberts is in New York today, photographed here arriving at Letterman for her appearance tonight, the first time she’s visited him since his infidelity scandal. As you know, Julia is a Letterman favourite. Their chemistry is always, always amazing. One of the few 3 segments guests on his show. And she’s a mouthy bitch. Last year she told the story of having to work with Nick Nolte, how abusive he was on that set, though she didn’t exactly name names, everyone knew as soon as she started cussing.

Have been looking forward to this for weeks. Because she made a big deal of his wedding during her previous visit, like grilled him, and then obnoxiously gave sh-t to Paul for reviewing his music notes during her interview and now, well, I wonder if she’ll call him on his sh-t. WHO’S NATALIE??? Julia is great tv.

Photos from Richie Buxo/Splashnewsonline.com