It really, really is.

Julia Roberts isn’t a Dries van Noten girl. Maggie Gyllenhaal, sure. Julia Roberts... not this time. When Darren and I went to see the movie last week full of Oprah people, this dress was like their uniform.

Here’s Julia in Japan at a presser today to promote Eat, Pray, Love. It’s just not very flattering is it? Sometimes it really is better to stick to black especially when the alternative is this. And in all fairness, not many could make that work either. My Gwyneth Paltrow probably couldn’t make that work. But the point is, she has the sense not to try.

Julia of course would shut you down with her superiority and tell you that she’s above it, that there’s more to life than judging a dress. While she’s judging you for judging her however the National Enquirer says she’s leading a double life and emasculating her husband. Look who’s back on the cover of a tabloid.

Photos from Aflo/ and Kiyoshi Ota/TORU YAMANAKA/