Sometimes that’s all you need. And Julia’s been doing it since Pretty Woman.

Here she is at The Normal Heart premiere last night in Dior. I LOVE this look. It’s better than almost all of her looks during award season. It’s cute. It’s fresh. It’s playful. It’s not just some f-cking DVF wrap dress made for a 40 year old woman.

To my great disappointment, Julia’s not on Letterman’s list of guests this week. You know what happens when Julia goes to see Dave, right? Flowers, lots and lots of flowers. And hand kissing. And she sasses him. And he trips all over himself in adoration. And she honks her goose honk – honk, honk, honk. And there is no one else because who else could there be?

It would have to be at least one more time before he retires.

Anyway, here’s a single shot of Brad Pitt with Julia on the carpet last night. Not sure where Angelina is.