Is there a celebrity more suited to the word?

I have never actually been personally lectured by Julia Roberts. But for some reason I have a memory of it, you know what I mean?

And when it comes to Julia, it’s even more extraordinary, her legendary sanctimony, when in looking at her, initially, it’s the opposite effect - Julia lights up a room, still, as evidenced last night at the premiere of Fireflies in the Garden (which must be some serious sh-t because it was filmed 4 years ago and they’re only pushing it out now) with her famous big ass gummy smile and that pout that I feel I’ve known for 20 years which... now that I think about it... I actually have.

Two decades later, Pretty Woman is now the Evil Queen in the Snow White movie starring Lily Collins due out March 16. Perfect casting. I can’t understand why there are people out there who say this is poor casting. Who ELSE could play the Ultimate Bitch?