On Thursday Variety reported exclusively that Julia Roberts bought another home in Malibu right across the street from another home she has in Malibu. The new place is smaller, more modest. If you can call $6.84 million modest. It’s a rancher, 1,700 sq ft, three bedrooms, two bath, not unlike where you might live… but on over an acre of prime real estate. The house, if photos are any indication, needs some work. The kitchen, for example, is ready for an upgrade and some of the bedrooms too.

The article goes on to note that Julia and her husband Danny Moder sold another house (bungalow, two bedrooms) in Pacific Palisades last year and one of their apartments in New York – they still supposedly own three units in another building in Gramercy Park. They also still have their ranch in New Mexico, where they were married, and two places in Hawaii, one of which they’re trying to get rid of for $21.95 million. Should we get in on it together?

Early last year, when Julia was selling some of her properties, there was a lot of speculation that it was because she and Danny were done with each other. Then Radar reported in September that since there were moving trucks outside her house, divorce would be imminent. A month later, Julia and Danny showed up together at a party at the Hammer Museum and she told reporters that night that he picked out her outfit and that she was still obsessed with him, effectively killing all the rumours.

Those are about to start up again now though with the house across the street. She was at Disneyland the other day with her kids and Danny wasn’t there – click here to see photos. But she’s also set to start promoting Money Monster in about a month or so. I don’t know if she would co-sign that kind of a distraction.

Click here to read about Julia’s real estate game at Variety.

Thanks Teigan!