Julia Roberts on the Thinnification of Taupe

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 4, 2010 08:42:00 February 4, 2010 08:42:00

I’ve previously addressed her thinnification here and here. Now Julia Roberts is weighing in on it. F-cking LOVE her. Because she is such a sanctimonious cow. And she’s just getting worse. Julia Roberts is a yappy, loudmouthed bitch, except instead of screaming at the Chinese market, she’s doing it on junkets.

WHO’S NATALIE?????????????????????

And why is Taupe so skinny?

Julia wants to know. They’re at the Valentine’s Day presser and Julia looked over at Jennifer Garner and noted lightly, in jest:

"You are quite slim.”

To which Taupe replied: "I just finished nursing. I'll soon plump up again."

Julia: "We'll stay tuned for that."

And I can hear her tone too. Don’t you know tone? Remember, this is at a PRESS CONFERENCE. But because it’s Julia, and because she’s Taupe, Taupe couldn’t say sh-t. Yeah it’s a c-nt move. And that’s a word I don’t use often. But sometimes certain occasions just call for it.

Do you feel badly for Taupes? Why? You weren’t the one who subjected her to a Hollywood standard that’s antithetical to the Earth Mother image she’s been peddling.

But why discuss Boring when we can focus on a Bitch?

Julia has been RAGING during this promotional tour. Seen the interview with Bradley Cooper and Maria Menounos? I won’t do her justice describing it. There’s Bitch, and then there’s Julia Roberts who, in three short minutes, delivers almost a dozen Bitches, a clinic in Bitch, a virtuoso Bitch performance that illustrates why she is one of the Best.

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