The hysteria around Julia Roberts is definitely not what it once was. And she wants it that way. She took herself away from the spotlight, she tried to atone for homewrecking on Vera, and she birthed her babies on a paparazzi-free plot of land in New Mexico. In the years she was in seclusion, the landscape of Hollywood changed. She probably isn’t too disappointed about the fact that it now doesn’t really include her.

But even still, and always, there is something about Julia. She is a REAL superstar. The wayTom Cruise is a real superstar, as f&cking batsh*t crazy as he is. Julia and Tom and George Clooney too… they do not belong in the garbage dump of celebrity reporting with the likes of Ebola Hilton and Heidi Montag. 

So when Julia Roberts walks a carpet, right away she ups the A factor – a level of elite that many others are incapable of achieving. 

And of course, she looked great. Even regal. Poised and classic and almost boring because when you see her now you know – Julia Roberts isn’t going to f&ck up anymore. So while I can’t offer you anything smutty in her case, I can say that it is possible to age gracefully. To transform from tabloid target into Hollywood royalty.

Tell that to Granny Freeze.

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