With the exception of Sandra Bullock, consider Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and of course the biggest one Julia Roberts. The blondeness, the friendness, the big smile, they are misleading, non? But this isn’t new, that Julia is all about Julia, that Julia is better, above it, and over it...

Remember when she twatted out backstage at the Oscars before presenting to Denzel Washington? Julia, bless her, is a Bitch. There’s a great example of it in the video below – see how condescending she’s being to Maria Menounos? It’s amazing:

And that’s the character of Julia’s bitch. Some bitches are just cold, Reese for example is frosty and humourless. Other bitches are insecure and lash out. Like Lea Michele. Julia’s bitch is superior, uber-judgy, elitest, the girl who will gather all her friends around her at the party and let you know when she’s left you out deliberately, which is kinda like what she apparently did the other night according to Roger Friedman who has had a contentious relationship with her in the past, most recently last year when they clashed on the red carpet after Julia couldn’t handle the (misidentified) criticism – click here for a refresher.

At the afterparty for Eat Pray Love, Julia reportedly did not want to hang with the civilians and booked out a private room for her own crew and the other famous people and only spent 5 minutes in the main room with all the regular people, after which she was overheard sneering that “that’s so tacky”, meaning all the fan folk she had to be forced to talk to in the larger area. Which, to be fair, is what they all think, only she’s the one who’ll say it out loud.

Click here to read Friedman’s full account.

And what of Eat Pray Love? Well, no wonder there was an embargo. And no wonder they held it for so long. So far, it’s sh-t. Like really sh-t. As in only 11% (at press time) from top critics on Rotten Tomatoes with most agreeing that Roberts is indeed charming but that she’s stuck in a one note piece. See now I worry about Ryan Murphy.

Photos from Richie Buxo/Splashnewsonline.com