Movie Star is still a bitch

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 17, 2009 11:43:00 March 17, 2009 11:43:00

Oh goody. It’s way more fun when the truly famous stars are the bitches.

Last night, Julia Roberts and that sexy, sexy, SEXY fine ass beast Clive Owen were in New York for the premiere of Duplicity. Roger Friedman was on the press line, was angling to speak with her. What he received what the total bitchness.

She cut him down, interrupted him, was rude to him, and he described her behaviour as “unexpected and chilling”.

The reason?

She believes he wrote nasty things about her when she was on Broadway. This was conveyed to Friedman by her reps last night, confirming that yes, she was deliberately acting like a hag, and yes, it’s because she can keep a grudge.

But isn’t that the point of being a reviewer? To provide critical analysis?

Unfortunately, she’s an idiot. Or her people are idiots. Because Friedman, unlike many other critics, was actually more than kind in his review of her performance a few years ago in Three Days of Rain. He pretty much jumped into her goose honking mouth and installed a temple there. But again, not the point.

The lesson here is that you are not allowed to have an opinion. Unless your opinion is favourable. And this is not unique of Julia Roberts. This applies to all of them. This is how they live: surrounded by sycophants, only positive feedback, told they are wonderful over and over and over again to protect their fragile egos, unable to own disappointment and failure, and totally petulant and unforgiving if they don’t hear what they want to hear.

But they’re so pretty. They must be nice, right? It’s the mantra of the MiniVan.

PS. Julia gives a great bitchface in a few of these shots.

PPS. This behaviour – it’s not new. Oscars a few years ago, before presenting to Denzel Washington, she was f-cking twat backstage about her teleprompter. Story was widely circulated…

Click here for Roger Friedman’s full report.

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