Than Julia Roberts.


She attended the Tribeca Film Festival screening of Jesus Henry Christ on Saturday, a movie about a boy who falls in love with a girl and just wants her to love him. No, not really. But I couldn’t resist. JHC is about a really smart boy trying to find his father because he was conceived in a petrie dish and needs to know where he came from.

And how do you read her expression? I read it as – you should be grateful I came here for you to take my picture. So fine, take it. I’ll humour you with a few smiles.

It’s patronising. She’s really, really good at it.

No one has no time for anyone quite like Julia Roberts. Which is why, really, she’s the perfect bitch Evil Queen. And she will play that in one of the two Snow White movies in production with Phil Collins’s daughter Lily in the title role.

But she looks good, non? That’s the hair I’ve always wanted. And after all these years, her face, that is still a Face. It’s a great, great face to look at.

Photos from Jemal Countess/Michael Loccisano/Steve Mack/