Julia Roberts is currently promoting HBO’s The Normal Heart. That means a lot of Julia being Julia. Which means Julia honking, Julia lecturing, Julia judging…

Julia being Julia.

Which is kinda like Mimi being Mimi. Except Mimi doesn’t call it anything other than what it is. Julia pretends like she’s actually selfless. And it is, as always, SPECTACULAR.

Check her out on Ellen talking about her good friend George Clooney’s engagement. I want you to note the tone of her voice. How low it goes. How UN-animated she sounds. How completely disinterested she is because it’s not about Julia.

And how she comes alive again when a photo of HER with George is put up on screen. Then she complains about it being a bad photo. Then she calls out the producers for using a bad photo. Then she demands that they find a better photo.

Also… “sublime”. The way it comes out of her mouth it’s like she’s suppressing a burp. “Sublime”. Has she met Amal Alamuddin? Um, no.

Watch this. She’s incredible. She really is.

Now watch Julia and Sally Field on Jimmy Kimmel the other night in a “curse off”. Sally doesn’t give a f-ck. Sally’s throwing down c-nts and cocksuckers and some other dirty sh-t that even I’ve never heard of. Meanwhile, Julia’s doing that thing where she pretends she doesn’t understand the rules either to be cute or to suck up more airtime for herself. Then she starts fronting like it’s just not her to say bad words. Like she’s too proper, too dignified. And then when Sally starts to win over the audience because her trucker mouth is so awesome? Julia starts SCREAMING for attention.

It’s magnificent. It’s funny to begin with but seeing her on display like this takes it to another level of celebrity analysis.

And finally, a new trailer for The Normal Heart was released yesterday. Please. If you watched the previous two videos in this post, please watch this one too. It’s excellent. And it takes us back to a time when there were no voices and only fear and very little hope but a lot of courageous from a brave few. I can’t wait to see this film.