I just watched the best clip ever. It’s Julia Roberts being asked the other night about Brad Pitt’s official engagement to Angelina Jolie.

You know Julia. We all know Julia. There is no bitch in Hollywood quite like Julia’s bitch. And a sanctimonious bitch like Julia, even though she had her own “A Low Vera” moment, well, you can imagine what team, Jen or Jolie, Julia Roberts would have been on. The way she chokes back her fire and restrains her eyeroll here is a thing of great beauty and will bring you much joy:

“Indeed. Oh yes.”

God I love her so much.

Julia and Brad were shooting The Mexican right before he married Jennifer Aniston, summer 2000. Of course they also worked together on the Oceans movies. Not sure though how much contact Julia and Brad have had since the end of the Aniston era and the beginning of the Jolie one. My gossip brain would split open if one day they release photos of the Brange twins hanging out with the Julia twins.

Here’s Julia - I will never get tired of her face - at the Jesus Henry Christ premiere the other night. And also a selection of old photos of Julia with Brad and Jennifer.