Well colour me happy… Pretty Woman is 25 years old!


I didn’t even bother writing to her about this article because I knew we were going to fight over it, because we always fight over Julia Roberts, and I didn’t want her to have it.

Look. It’s not a movie you’re supposed to approve of anymore; it’s just so wrong, the idea of it is just so wrong…OK, OK.

But then how come it’s still so fun? Am I even allowed to say that it’s still fun? Because if I’m seeing Julia Roberts in polka dots on my TV, I’m not changing the channel.

It’s all her.

It’s that magic.

After 25 years, her magic is still there.

The Today Show interviewed the cast for a segment that will air on Tuesday and, well, of course she’s the one your eyes are still drawn to, she’s the one who is the key. She’s the one who, when you’re watching it next week, you’ll be waiting for to hear the laugh. And then, in the next breath, she’ll make you want to throttle yourself.

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