Especially when Julia is around…

It was Ellen DeGeneres’s 53rd birthday yesterday. And they made a big production of it on her show. Supposedly it was all a surprise; she didn’t know who the guests would be, only that each one would be a mystery.

And then Julia Roberts came out first and it became all about her. You know. As they say on 30 Rock, she is The Protagonist. Always. She made Ellen’s birthday the best ever. Because she’s never been on Ellen’s show before and they were saving it specifically for this reason and then she had to tell everyone about the chickens on her farm and, what is it about Julia Roberts and the way she says “My Husband”?

Oh right. It’s smug.

The best part, and unfortunately there’s no video for it, is when Ellen had to throw to break and she wondered aloud who else would be coming on next, what other guests, since Julia’s presence so overwhelmed her. And, in classic Julia fashion, this is how she answered:

“If I'm the warm-up... Obama!"

Like, the only person worthy of following Julia Roberts is the President of the United States.

If you love to hate her, this will delight you. If you hate to hate her, um, maybe don’t watch. It’ll just make you angrier. Also when Colin Farrell comes out, watch as her honking goose laugh tries to take over.

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