Julia Roberts has signed on to a TV adaptation of Maria Semple’s Today Will Be Different. As with all things Julia Roberts, it’s very hard not to think this was done expressly for me and my benefit.

I love Maria Semple, and recommended her book Where’d You Go Bernadette to everyone who would listen. Obviously I’m not some sort of visionary in this regard, given that it was a crazy runaway bestseller, but I feel like I personally got to tell a lot of people about it. I also get to tell a lot of people why Julia Roberts is still a delight – so this is all for me, basically.

But it’s fun to think about how this came to be. How does Julia Roberts, who never ever has to work again, find her way back to TV, only on the most charming project we’ve heard of in years? 

Yes, true, she was in The Normal Heart, but that wasn’t about her…and Maria Semple, who’s writing the series, also worked in TV before so there’s a decent chance it will be great, and come on now… Julia Roberts in a limited series? Where she’s front and centre and the woman in question is charming if complicated?

Guys. That’s ALL the awards. You know this. All the red carpets, all the gowns, all the “Who’s Natalie?” There might even be a very special Oprah interview about “JULIA AT FIFTYYYYYYYY! (next October)”. Enough to sustain us and the Julia legend for at least another decade.

Oh, and the lines in the articles about how there’s no network yet? Uh, the networks are going to fall over themselves GAGGING for this. A thousand network executives were born and made because of Julia Roberts. Trust me.

Don’t try to tell me this wasn’t made especially for me.