Lately at award shows, Julia Roberts has been heading to the podium barefoot. At the Palm Springs Film Festival however, where she presented to her friend Tom Hanks, she kept them on. Maybe she thought those old ass Academy voters who live there would not have been impressed. Julia was with Tom Hanks that year at the Golden Globes, you remember?, when she gave us “WHO’s NATALIE???”

But she also caught up with her buddy Bradley Cooper. Julia + Bradley Cooper for Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite interviews to revisit. Have you seen it? They’re talking to Maria Menounos. Menounos has a distinctive giggle. So Julia…patronises her (you’re so beautiful) because she’s so f-cking good at it, and then basically tells her she has a ridiculous-sounding laugh. Then she makes a point of telling both Bradley and Menounos – twice – in her light Julia signature way that she doesn’t appreciate not being on the inside of a story. You see when Bradley leans in there and tries to explain to her? That’s Heather Chandler, right there.