Here is the unfortunate truth about the Globes, when you are a TV person. You get thrown a bone maybe, if you win, but the camera is not going to keep coming back to you over and over. There are sixteen reasons to cut to the producers of Argo, but for TV, once your category is done, you will not be seen again. You can probably be out the back of the ballroom, if you want to.

So that means Julianna Marguelies’ dress did not get the airtime I wanted it to, and I really, really wanted it to. I don’t remember her being so adventurous (or indeed, there) during her time on ER, but maybe being Alicia Florrick for this long has made her so tired of the buttoned-up suits that she goes for the crazy original when she can, you know? Look at this! Look at the crazy snakey-dragon-y print. It’s midnight blue, cut with nude, utterly backless, completely intricate, and yet she looks like she’s wearing it and not the other way around. You know what else? This dress is not boring. When you have opportunities to look really super good, why not have fun with them and have them be memorable, as opposed to just another black dress?

In the interests of full disclosure I should say that I did not realize the lining only goes to the knee and I do not like that, but it’s making me feel like I should tolerate it, because she wants it that way.

So okay. The dress is a win. The husband, by the way, escaped my notice until recently and is very much a win. So she didn’t win for The Good Wife, so what? The night still ended very much in the black.