I get it that she was going for something severe. I enjoy severe on her. You know what though? At these events, for her, it’s almost always severe. In fact, I can’t even remember seeing her with her hair down, loose. Not in a long time.

Is it because she’s differentiating from the character? Alicia is less severe with her look, sure. But if she’s tired of Alicia then, frankly, I am too. It’s either Margulies or Danes, Danes or Margulies. And I get it, we all have our favourite shows, and The Good Wife is a good show and Homeland has sucked for two seasons now so fine, but, seriously, what does Kerry Washington have to do, seriously???

By the way, I hate how this dress is a brassiere at the back and a slip at the bottom. The fleshiness effect as it changes tone from the waist down is actually grossing me out.