Oh for f-ck’s sake. Here’s what Julianne Hough’s stylist, Anita Patrickson, said about working with her a few months ago:

“I think we’re very lucky in terms of our relationship because we’re on the same page. The trick is, I need to push her - that’s part of my job. But at the same time, if she’s not confident and comfortable, then the pictures are going to show it. She’s way more adventurous now. I’m like, 'A year ago, you never would have worn this!' It’s been a fun journey. It’s just about exposing yourself and exposing her. There are some things - like a skirt over pants - that she wouldn’t have understood a year ago, and now she’s so open and so brave, and she’s found that in fashion.”  

What’s there to understand about this look? I understand it to be grossly inferior to Lena Headey’s. All girdles are not created equal. Lena’s girdle was forward and fashionable. Julianne’s girdle is an old lady’s dress that decided it wanted to crash the young people’s party by showing its underwear.

I wonder if Julianne Hough, for style, is like the female Henry Cavill. It cannot be hard to dress this girl. But they just can’t seem to find the answer. Now that it’s come to me though, it might not be a bad hookup, Julianne Hough and Henry Cavill. Thoughts?