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I’m at the Martinez right now writing this, 6 or 7 feet away from Julianne Moore who is sitting down for roundtable interviews for Blindness. Have to restrain myself from running over to hug her. She’s been at it for 3 hours, surrounded by a large number of journalists questioning and pushing and she has been gracious and sweet and endearing and forthcoming the whole time. And real. She laughs a lot. And she is self deprecating. And she has a sing song voice that you can hear from all corners of a room. Every reporter here is captivated.

Julianne’s participation in the junket has been restricted to print. She will not be doing tv press until later in the film’s campaign. There is a strategic direction for Julianne regarding the movie… rumour has it, they do not want to overpush her too early re: Oscar. And when you see the film, you’ll understand why.

You will either hate or love Blindness. Just like you either loved or hated the book. But just as it was an important book, it is also an important movie… it is NOT a Mischa Barton movie.

Jose Saramago was very particular about his work and how it would be adapted. Many others had attempted to secure the movie film rights without success. But he trusted Canadian Don McKellar.

How f*cking amazing is that???

I interviewed Fernando Meirelles just now and he said he just finished it last week, hasn’t had a chance yet to show it to Saramago but will fly with Canadian producer Niv Fichman to Lisbon next week to screen it.

Blindness opens in the fall but the buzz is that it will be making the festival circuit. And yes Canada… Blindness is considered a Canadian film as it was made with Canadian funding.

Here are Julianne and Gael Garcia Bernal last night at the palais where Blindness officially opened the 61st Cannes Film Festival.

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