Gorgeous is thrown around a lot. We use it all the time, probably too much. (Even though I do not regret at all that I used it to describe Lorelei Linklater who probably should have gotten more screen time.)

But Julianne Moore is gorgeous. She is luminous. That dress was perfect, without being over the top. It was custom Givenchy and I love that it was, to use a phrase, so much dress, and yet it just seemed like she decided to kind of put on something she could move in.

I know that might not be true, but she makes us feel that way. It might not be true that she is overflowing with joy for her career and love for her family all of the time, but that’s how she makes it seem. She makes it seem as though she is as happy to be in our presence – yes, including those of us only there by virtue of cathode ray tubes – as we are to be in hers.

It’s her job. She’s an actress. But – doesn’t it seem like there are so many of them where that part of the job just isn’t coming through?