Director Lisa Chodolenko and stars Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo were in London tonight to promote the film at the UK premiere. Love the movie. Love them. Love Julianne. Love Julianne’s fuchsia lipstick. I’ve been obsessed with my fuchsia lipstick since summer and have worn it every single day since and still am not sick of it. But her dress...

It scares me.

At best it’s like half of another dress is hanging off her shoulder. At worst it’s the sartorial interpretation of a bipolar stalker, and maybe it’s my afternoon sleepy imagination running away from me but there’s something rather sinister about the whole thing, almost like the one sleeve has an evil personality.

As for Mark Ruffalo, I can’t picture myself ever saying anything bad about him. Like, his wife is called Sunrise and that’s ok too. See? Heavy, heavy Ruffalo bias over here.

Photos from and Dave Hogan/Samir Hussein/