Julianne Moore was surrounded by the Men, the most beautiful Men, last night in Paris at the premiere of A Single Man. Lucky bitch. Here she is, flanked by Colin Firth and Tom Ford, her second film screening in as many days, having just promoted Chloe earlier this week. Not crazy about her dress, but do love the theatricality of the cape. Capes are the best. When Alan Rickman wears his Snape Cape the loins ignite immediately. I’m telling you, if it was appropriate, I’d walk around in a cape all day.

As for Colin, he was accompanied as usual by his glorious wife Livia who continues to write for Vogue on going green on the carpet. Am impressed by how quickly and often she updates her blog. She shows up at an event, she posts the very next day. You can learn a lot about a person in how dutifully they adhere to their commitments, celebrity or not. Click here to read her entry on what she wore last night.

And finally, sigh, to round out the fine men, it’s Guillaume Canet. SO gorgeous.

Photos from Wenn.com