I read an article at Variety the other day about Taryn Hurd, the talent producer for the Oscars. She’s the one who comes up with the presenter pairings, deciding who comes out with who to announce what. BEST F-CKING JOB EVER.

So she’s the one who we need to be pitching Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston to. I mean at this point it’s likely already mostly decided since rehearsals are tomorrow which means if Hurd hadn’t already put them together, they probably won’t be together, but WHY NOT?

Usually they do the woman-man thing though, don’t they?

This one would be an awesome exception, non?

The only combination that would be better would be Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Or G and Ben Affleck. Not happening. There’s no way.

Or, maybe, G and Ethan Hawke? I could live with a Great Expectations reunion.

Here are Julianne Moore, who’s a presenter and a nominee, and Dakota Johnson, who’s presenting, flying out together from NYC to LA yesterday. They were also hanging out at NYFW a couple of days ago – click here for a refresher. Is that a possible pairing?

SUNDAY. The Oscars! And then Sunday night, Duana and I are writing, eating, shouting at each other, and posting straight through. Hope you join us!