Julianne Moore won Best Actress last night at Critics’ Choice. During her acceptance speech, she listed off the others in her category: Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Felicity Jones, Rosamund Pike… but not Marion Cotillard.

Don’t hold it against her. Instead, see it as a result of what we’ve all been assaulted with over the last couple of months: Jennifer Aniston’s Oscar campaigning. We live on the internet. Sometimes, when you live on the internet, you believe things are a bigger deal than they actually are (Benedict Cumberbatch). And then celebrities try to convince you that they don’t pay attention to the “noise”, as Jennifer Aniston would call it, and that it doesn’t invade their perspectives. In this case. It wasn’t just the internet. It was everywhere. Jennifer Aniston wanted it badly. Jennifer Aniston was up in our faces and she was even up in THEIR faces. So much so that Julianne too thought an Oscar nomination would have been a done deal for Jen and no one was looking at Marion Cotillard.

Julianne apologised to Marion on Twitter immediately after:


I don’t think Marion would have minded, really. She was just nominated for an Oscar after all.

And, well, I’d like to re-post this from the earlier Jennifer Aniston post because it’s so f-cking funny to me:

PS. LOVE what Julianne is wearing and why is the wedding dress the red carpet look of the season?