If you were following along with us during our liveblog, you would have read how mad I was at Julianne Moore. Like, MAD. And I NEVER get mad at Julianne Moore. I love her SO MUCH. And I loved her black dress. Now that’s how you change up the skirt on a black dress right?

So good. Always so good.

It’s just...too bad she was such a sh-tty ass presenter. Both of them.

Yeah, it happens. The prompter isn’t working. So you have to wait. And you don’t know what to do.

But aren’t these two seasoned performers? Professionals? How hard can it be to COME PREPARED???

Sarah posited that at rehearsal, the presenters don’t receive an advance script; they’re only there to hit their marks. Fine. But if you’re invited to hand out an award in front of an audience of millions around the world, don’t you ask to see it? Take it home, read over it in the car on the way over, read it over your blackberry, maybe learn the names of the 5 people who are contending for the trophy - it would take, what?, 5 minutes, at the most?

By contrast, Felicity Huffman and William H Macy. Right? I’m not saying you come with a cute routine, but hey, 5 f-cking names off by heart will not kill you.

The point is that so many of them, even the great Julianne Moore, they are so indulged, for so long they are indulged, they’re no longer self sufficient. And the worst part is the immediate reaction to the situation is this:

It wasn’t their fault the prompter wasn’t working!!!

Which is another problem in itself. It’s not my fault, so I don’t have to help to make anything better.

Yeah. Thanks for coming to play.