Written by Duana

This is a hard one. Of course it is impossible to miss how thin Julie Bowen is. I didn’t hear her on the carpet this time, and she is not one of the people whose magazine profiles I will read while standing in the drugstore but she apparently has a host of excuses for why that is.

And it’s too bad because this shouldn’t be what the story is about. It will be today though. Julie Bowen is VERY funny. Whatever you think of Modern Family as a whole, she and Ty Burrell are giving it their all every single day, and that shows up. The situations aren’t always slap-your-legs funny, but she is.

So it follows that it shouldn’t matter that she’s thin, and why that is. There are a couple of threads that indicate she had health issues in her 20s - that’s not a euphemism, she apparently wears a pacemaker. For all I know, one issue begets the other, or she’s thin because of her heart issues.

What gets me, though, is that she wants us to look. She puts herself on display. So either she thinks she looks great, or she thinks that she shouldn’t have to cover up just because she’s not meeting peoples’ standards, or she doesn’t think about it at all.

And who the hell am I to say that she shouldn’t wear something that shows every bone in her body? For whatever reason she’s thin, we’ve all known those people who have always been beanpoles and are harassed every time someone’s feeling ‘helpful’, accusing them of eating disorders.

And why again, am I talking about her body instead of her work? Well, because she showed it off. But isn’t she allowed to? But then she knows I’ll look at it instead of her work.

…and around the hamster wheel I go…

Photos from Wenn.com