Celine & Jesse forever?

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They came first!

I was 21 when Before Sunrise came out. It hit me where I lived. Who didn’t want to go to Europe and fall in love on a train? Please. This, for a while, was your Summer Crush screenplay, wasn’t it? I will always be 21 when I watch Before Sunrise. And I’ll always be 30 when I watch Before Sunset. And now...now it’s Before Midnight.

This is for my friend Michelle and all of you with a Troy Dyer problem, and an attachment to Celine and Jesse. Oh and Duana too, who can still, even now, if you get her in the right mood, defend The Hottest State but will not tolerate an Ethan Hawke moaning about the degrading quality of Oscar winners. I guess the point is that for some of us, Ethan Hawke is still a conversation.

Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke, and Richard Linklater were at the Tribeca Film Festival screening of Before Midnight yesterday in New York. Ethan’s hair is back to brown and he’s not wearing all that eyeliner anymore so I can go back to being attracted to him and hating myself for it instead of not being attracted to him at all and missing it. The film opens on May 24.

Wasn’t really feeling it from the first trailer when it was released a few weeks ago -- see attached -- but the reviews have been outstanding, which is encouraging. I guess no trailer could properly capture the way they speak to each other, Celine and Jesse, and besides, I’m not sure the people who cut this trailer were actually told who it was for. Parts of this preview feel like a Judd Apatow movie and other parts feel like a Love Actually knock-off and one part is totally Mamma Mia and buried in there are 15 seconds of signature Celine and Jesse chemistry.

Where are they now? They’re in Greece. With their kids. This is not a spoiler. It turns out, even when there’s no time of day to be anxious about, there are still a lot of things to be anxious about. Some critics are saying that Before Midnight is the best of the three. You know, there are some movies you want to see alone? I think I might want to see this movie alone.

Entertainment Weekly had the exclusive first look at the poster yesterday. Like it?

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