July 2, 2015 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 2, 2015 13:58:49 July 2, 2015 13:58:49

“Happy 30th birthday to our resident sunshine and member of the downtrodden leggy blonde brigade Anna, from her gossipy friends. While we know that this birthday seems loaded, we can't help but be excited for your new decade and all the promise it holds. You're starting it out with the best of both worlds - a newly-minted Canadian citizen who lives in an island paradise, you're using your charm (and rapping skills) to schmooze with tennis stars, and continuing to use your expertise and native Cancerean healing abilities to bring your clients peace and happiness (and delicious food). Plus, how could any year that begins with your beloved Joshua Jackson on television be bad? We hope that this year has more soaring emotional moments than a Mia Michaels routine, more excitement than a season of Secrets & Lies (but fewer bodies), and more love than a vegan has for nutritional yeast. Remember, you're only as young as you date (or was that "feel"? Either way, you're covered).

For all the support, laughter, warmth, and love you give all of us, here is Jamie Dornan in a beanie, Ed Sheeran with his guitar, and your forever #1 Joshua Jackson in a henley and just generally looking hot. We love you bella! Xoxo”

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