July 5, 2016 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 5, 2016 14:30:42 July 5, 2016 14:30:42

"To our ray of Caymanian sunshine, Anna, as she exits her first year of her new decade. You're ringing in this birthday in one of the three countries you can call home, and we hope that your return to England reminds you of the things it gave you (your humour, your poshness, your hatred of cold, your love of Shakespeare, etc). You have a lot to look forward to upon your return - not just getting your sleep schedule back on track, the renewal of Sunday morning tea & tv snaps, and the ocean, but also a visit to your other home country for TIFF, and hopefully the announcement that Josh and Diane will be "amicably going their separate ways".

For your warmth, your wisdom, your wit, and your wonderful friendship, here is your number one with a bullet, Joshua, Alex (with bonus Ryan) who embodies our Henley and hair goals each week, Buffy and Angel now that you've learned the pleasure and pain of the Whedonverse, your fellow cat lover Ed, and Matthias-SWOON!

Happy belated birthday Bella, we love you! Xoxoxo”

Almost 15 years ago, my Ma, the Squawking Chicken, received a kidney transplant. She’d been on the waiting list for 3 years. One night the phone rang at 1am. There was what they called a “perfect match”. Ma had surgery the next morning. Afterwards she told people that her kidney came from an 18 year old girl who died suddenly. And that the girl must have liked pizza because she never ate pizza but suddenly she was eating pizza. We will never know for sure the identity of the donor. But we are forever grateful to this person and their family. As so many are grateful to Sarah Beth Therien and her family. Sarah Beth was Canada’s first DCD donor 10 years ago. Since then “1067 transplants have been performed in Ontario with organs from DCD donors – more than 1000 lives saved”. Please click here to learn more about Sarah Beth’s story and her gift as told by her parents, Beth and Emile.

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