Looking back to Wynn Duffy’s first appearance in season 1, he seemed like such a tool. And now he’s developed into a steely criminal…well not mastermind; he’s too clearly a second in command to be the mastermind, but yet he seems like the only one who might survive the inevitable sh*t storm descending on Harlan. Wynn’s a cockroach like that. That’s what he is—a steely criminal cockroach.

The sassy bartender/owner is giving Raylan hell. Oh, I hope they keep her around for a little while. Some mysterious types come in looking for Quarles. They’re connected to Sammy the boss’s son. Raylan bashes the smarmy one’s head in on the bar. He’s cool like that.

Art simultaneously gives Raylan hell and tells him how to write his incident report about firing his service weapon in the bar so that he doesn’t get in trouble. Art’s cool like that.

Dickie Bennett is out of jail. The countdown to his inevitable demise continues. 6…5…

Errol is there to pick him up, with a cooler full of cash—a portion of the Bennett money. Dickie’s hair is a work of art. He’s rocking a kind of mullety faux-hawk. Errol and Dickie get into it over where the rest of the Bennett money has gone.


Quarles is putting the screws to Napier over getting his money back. We know Quarles is coming apart at the seams, but he’s still coming across as plenty threatening here. Napier doesn’t seem to understand that Quarles will kill him at the drop of the hat.

Dickie is meeting with that pot dealer from earlier in the season. He’s looking for someone to help him go after the Bennett money in the holler. Dickie is a terrible planner.

The Crowder crew debates what to do next. Boyd is all, “I’m killing Dickie, but money first” and the discussion is over. We need some odds on who’s killing whom. Possible match-ups: Boyd/Dickie, Raylan/Quarles, Dickie/Limehouse or his crew, Raylan/Dickie, Boyd/Quarles, Boyd/Limehouse.

Art and Raylan are on the road, after Quarles, who is out hustling some meth dealers. He kills them (with a sword!) and steals their drugs. Because, of course.

Oh, Deputy Brooks! She’s still here! I think she’s suffered a little this season in favor of Gutterson, who gets to be snarky and funny. Although it’s always entertaining when she gets to kick a dude in the nuts. She and Gutterson are following Dickie, who is trying to get info on his money from Ella the hooker. And she knows where the money is! (Maybe.) Also, Ella is really starting to depress me.

Art is giving Raylan fatherhood advice, in a backwards, Art-Mullan-y sort of way, of course. But his words are the only ones that stand a chance of getting through to Raylan and impressing upon him that his wild days are, essentially, over. I mean, once Quarles has taken care of everything. And until the next criminal mastermind comes to Harlan. But Art does manage to convey to Raylan that he thinks Raylan will be a positive influence on his kid. Nice bit of acting from Timothy Olyphant when we see that moment land with Raylan.

The meth dealers Quarles killed were under Boyd’s “protection”. So that’s going to make everything worse.

The dudes from Detroit are grilling Duffy, who is trying to bargain by turning on Quarles. That sounds about right.

Boyd investigates the meth dealers’ place. The neighbor that saw Quarles go in the house calls him a “husky looking fellow”. She means like, huskies the dog, which is apt, if you think about it. Neal McDonough does have those very light eyes.

OMG watching Dickie Bennett trying to pull together a crew is so painful. He’s so bad at this. Someone is definitely killing him. And no one likes him (except maybe Ella, but she’s depressing), which makes getting anyone to help him nigh on impossible. Doesn’t help that the pot dealer from Memphis was helping Brooks and Gutterson listen in on Dickie’s plan. Odds on Gutterson/Dickie?

Boyd pressing Napier, hot on Quarles’ trail.

Brooks and Gutterson break up Errol and Dickie’s meet and seize the cooler full of cash. They’re awaiting a warrant to go into the holler. I, um, don’t think they should do that on their own…

Duffy and the guys from Detroit find the latest rent boy Quarles has been torturing. This poor kid. Meanwhile, Raylan gets the drop on the main thug from Detroit. Quarles is watching from a car and gets away. Raylan and Art get the drop on Duffy and the others. Art shoots the smarmy one, who clues them in on why they’re really there—to kill Quarles. Raylan is all, “And you’re just NOW telling me this?!”

Quarles is in the holler with Limehouse, looking for protection. Limehouse agrees, as long as Quarles sells the drugs he’s obtained first. Napier sends Quarles to the cathouse Boyd runs to dispose of his drugs. Set up, obviously. Back at the trailer, Duffy is on the phone with the big boss from Detroit, attempting to set himself up as the point man in Harlan once Quarles is gone. If he can “deliver” Quarles, he might get the job. It won’t work out for him—he’s a cockroach, not a shoe.

And now Quarles is at the cathouse, where Boyd gets the drop on him while he’s on a call with Duffy. And Duffy and Boyd meet (via phone, but still)! Duffy advises Boyd to just kill Quarles without messing about.

Raylan passes up the chance to join the Brooks/Gutterson raid team because he doesn’t think the Bennett money is at Limehouse’s church. He’s headed to Harlan, though. So, Boyd and Quarles are in Harlan and Duffy and Raylan are on their way. And Dickie convinces Errol to turn on Limehouse and help Dickie recover his money. Errol agrees, as long as Dickie will agree to get Boyd to help.

Yep. It’s happening.

Raylan’s body count so far: 1 ½

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