Justified 3.7: “If I was going to kill you, you never would’ve turned around”

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Justified Season 3 Episode 7 recap

Arlo is once again ranting about women. He is also calling out Limehouse in the middle of the night. He appears to have lost his mind.

The dude who escaped the Oxy clinic/trailer in the previous episode is hiding out in LimehouseΓÇÖs holler. Limehouse coerces the dude to inform on Quarles. Limehouse goes to confront Arlo, who has definitely lost his marbles. HeΓÇÖs yelling for his dead wife.

Raylan is living above a bar. His life is really working out. A couple of co-eds get sassy with him and Quarles shows up. The vibe is not as good as it is when Raylan and Boyd face off, but itΓÇÖs still prickly. I do think the show would be wise to limit their face-to-face exchanges, though. TheyΓÇÖre more interesting circling one another from a distance. Raylan doesnΓÇÖt take QuarlesΓÇÖ bribe.

More Deputy Gutterson! We always win when Gutterson sasses Raylan.

Wynn Duffey informs Quarles that the Detroit bossΓÇÖs son, Sammy, is headed to Lexington. Quarles hates Sammy a lot. Like, really, a lot.

Raylan gets Boyd back for that fistfight at the marshalΓÇÖs office. After sucker-punching Boyd, he dumps Johnny Crowder out of his wheelchair. Raylan is not messing around. He works out that Boyd is not the one that told Quarles he was dirty. Raylan vs. Boyd vs. Quarles is becoming Raylan and Boyd vs. Quarles.

Quarles bribes the Harlan sheriff, with the money he originally meant for Raylan, to take care of Boyd.

Gutterson: 2, Raylan: 0.

So Quarles got into some trouble up in Detroit and is on his last chance in Kentucky. Great, so when the sh*t hits the fan heΓÇÖs going to be extra special crazy because he has nothing left.

Raylan leans on Gutterson for more info re: Sammy the boss’s son. This leads to a superb exchange. Gutterson: “I tell you where Sammy is, then you go all Raylan on him and drag him out of some restaurant by his nut sack…” Raylan: “I don’t even know what that means. I’m not going to grab his nut sack or any other part of him.” Never change, Justified. Never change.

Ava riding herd on Arlo is funny. ΓÇ£I think we can both agree, after last night, that you need your meds.ΓÇ¥ This episode is sporting some excellent dialogue. QuarlesΓÇÖ newly-purchased sheriff shows up to close down the Crowder bar because of unlicensed video poker machines. And not like, you know, the cache of guns in the back or anything.

While attempting to roll up on Sammy the bossΓÇÖs son in a restaurant, the FBI intercepts Raylan. Back at the marshalΓÇÖs office, Gutterson is in trouble for giving Raylan FBI info. Raylan can add the FBI to his list of antagonists. Also, he totally owes Gutterson a drink.

Boyd visits Limehouse and threatens him. I would not cross Limehouse. HeΓÇÖs turned out to be the scariest of all the villains this season. Boyd wants access to LimehouseΓÇÖs information; Limehouse doesnΓÇÖt think Boyd can take down Quarles. So theyΓÇÖre well on their way to being super best friends.

Raylan catches up with Sammy the bossΓÇÖs son at a horse track. Sammy is a sh*tty gangster. They talk at cross-purposesΓÇöSammy thinks Raylan is a hitman sent to kill him, Raylan thinks Sammy is actually good at his job. Raylan has some notion of using Sammy to get to Quarles.

Raylan uses a thin excuse to serve Quarles an eviction notice. Man, he is running right at him. Duffey has bad news for QuarlesΓÇöthe money he needed has not come through. ItΓÇÖs QuarlesΓÇÖ turn to take a shot at Sammy at the track. Quarles feeds the ΓÇ£Raylan is on BoydΓÇÖs payrollΓÇ¥ story to Sammy to pass to his FBI babysitters. Sh*tΓÇÖs getting real.

Back with Boyd, who is talking a prison buddy into running for sheriff against the guy Quarles bought off. ThatΓÇÖs probably the least violent proposition for taking care of Quarles.

Oh man, itΓÇÖs Gary Hawkins, WinonaΓÇÖs ex. Now heΓÇÖs a motivational speaker running a pyramid scheme. Quarles has tracked him down in Tulsa and gets him drunk, chatting him up. This is not going to end well for Gary.

WeΓÇÖre getting into the thick of things, with six more episodes to go. Quarles has Boyd boxed in for now, but Boyd has found a potential end-around, and Raylan and Quarles are engaged in a chess game, using Sammy the bossΓÇÖs son and Gary as their principal pieces. Meanwhile, Limehouse continues to sit back and watch everyone around him implode. WhatΓÇÖs the over/under on the final body count here? 5?

RaylanΓÇÖs body count so far: 1 ┬╜

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