Justified 4.13: “You don’t go after a man’s family”

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Justified Season 4, Episode 13 recap.


It’s the last Justified. As always, it’s too soon and never enough.

This is my favorite season. Mags Bennett remains the best antagonist, but this season has been more fun than any other. It’s had furries, Dairy Queen, shoot outs, snakes chewing off people’s faces, dudes getting pushed out of planes, Constable Bob and his go bag, Clover Hill sex parties, hill people, severed foots and foot stabbings as two separate incidents, two different prison shankings, Limehouse, panty-stealing, two crooked FBI agents eating bullets, an unprecedented amount of that punk-ass bitch Tim Gutterson, backyard cage fighting, start-up cockfighting, backstabbing bartenders, cardsharp grifters and Marshal stiffies. And let’s not forget: Drew Thompson, the most badass dude to ever skydive into Harlan.

Now, to get back to the single most terrifying moment to involve a glider chair—Winona at the mercy of the Detroit mob.

Raylan is officially suspended and on his way to see about Winona and her two rocking chairs.

But first, it’s another episode of Sassy Banter with Rachel & Tim!

Raylan: That guy you shot, you good?
Gutterson: He called it.
Raylan: Well if you need to talk you…
Gutterson & Raylan: Got Rachel.

So…Gutterson’s okay, then, after killing Colt? Or is this just more crap to bury under the latent PTSD/possible alcohol problems? Also—several of you also thought Gutterson taking Colt’s sunglasses was a touch serial killery, but apparently that’s a military thing. Less the taking of a trophy and more a memento of a fallen comrade. Still. Gutterson’s totally f*cked up, right?

Boyd and Ava are going after Delroy’s body (that pimp Ava killed, which Ellen Mae was witness to). Only problem: Sheriff’s department is already there.

Oh god. Raylan is at Winona’s. This is so not going to end well for someone. I’m legit nervous right now.

Poor Winona. This is the second time she’s been caught in the middle of Raylan’s business.

The big plan: Raylan gets the Detroit thugs—one of which looks almost but not quite like Peter Stormare—into the safe house holding Drew Thompson or else Winona and the baby die.

Holy SH*T this is unraveling fast. Proving Colt’s earlier point about not keeping your gun in the front of your pants, Raylan disarms one thug and takes down two, then he and Winona manage to bag the third.

Reminder: Winona is PREGNANT and she just SHOT A DUDE. Everyone in Kentucky is a stone cold badass.

So now they’re going to have to go after Nicky Augustine, who set up that ambush.

Boyd and Ava decide not to run, Boyd thinks he has one more play to save Ava which sounds like it involves a body swap. Harlan hijinks!

So Theo Tonin has fled, leaving his son, Sammy (seen in season 3), in charge. Sammy and Nicky Augustine do not get along and therefore Art and AUSA Vasquez Sammy will “take care” of Nicky. But Raylan has met Sammy and has his doubts.

Remember—there’s a leak in the Marshals’ office. Could it be Vasquez? Or is it more likely to be Deputy Dunlop of the half-remembered birthday?

Art throws down an ultimatum: If Raylan pursues Nicky, he’s fired.

And Raylan is going after Nicky anyway.

I hope Winona realizes and appreciates the lengths Raylan goes to for her. First there was trying to save Gary from himself, then that whole thing with her stealing money from the evidence locker and now he’s going to set fire to his career—just when he’s had his greatest arrest ever—to save her.

Boyd’s plan: Paxton, one of the Clover Hill swells, is the funeral director and his funeral home is used by Harlan law enforcement as a morgue. They’ve got until the morning and the coroner’s arrival to swap the body. So they dig up a dude and Boyd BRINGS HIM INTO THE BAR. And then tells Ava to pretend he’s the drunk uncle at Thanksgiving.


Raylan shows up (there is still a DUG UP DEAD BODY in the back room).

Raylan and Boyd haven’t gone toe-to-toe like this in a while. They drop the whole “we dug coal together” thing whenever it’s convenient. Or maybe they use it when it’s convenient. At any rate they’re distinctly less jocular now.

So now Ava and that crooked deputy (Mooney?) have to do the body swap with snake bite boy.

Snake bite boy is impressed at how well the bodies match. Oh Justified. You never forget the details.

Nicky and Picker are supposed to be back in Detroit paying homage to Sammy. Picker’s all for leaving as he’s dealt directly with Raylan.

Man, Raylan and Boyd are just going shot for shot, taking each other apart.

Ava ditches snake bite boy for some reason. Cut back to Raylan, who ditches Boyd. He’s going in alone.

Nicky plans on killing Sammy and taking over Detroit (not surprising). He also won’t back down on threatening Winona and the baby (also not surprising).

Raylan has to have another play besides “stone cold murder”, right? As Nicky says, that isn’t really his style.

And here it is: Raylan called Sammy Tonin. If Nicky had turned himself in, he would have arrested him, but Nicky didn’t so Raylan is going to turn his back while Sammy takes out Nicky.

Sammy: If you saw a crime committed against him, you wouldn’t—as a lawman—intervene?
Raylan: I’m suspended.

Raylan cool-walks away as Picker opens fire on the limo.

Amazingly, Raylan got everything he wanted without actually getting his hands dirty or losing his job. This show, for all the shoot outs and fighting, is actually mental chess. Everyone is always thinking of another way out.

Speaking of ways out. Ava is dumping Delroy’s body at the slurry pond when Mooney shows up and arrests her, undoubtedly on Paxton’s orders.

Oh son. Your goose is cooked. Boyd punching you is the least of your problems.

And Paxton. You are F*CKED.

We all knew, didn’t we? Once Boyd proposed, we all knew Boyd and Ava were headed for a fall.

And there’s Cassie St. Cyr to watch Boyd’s undoing. Maybe not as good as death-by-Gutterson, but still better than nothing.

All ya’ll are so screwed. Boyd will burn your lives to the ground whether it gets him Ava back or not.

Winona’s going to her mother’s (understandable). But she and Raylan seem copacetic. I suppose “mob guys tried to kill you” is no worse than “I stole a bunch of money and you need to put it back”.

Wynn Duffy is Detroit’s man, but he offers to partner in the Kentucky heroin trade with Boyd, the deal Boyd was angling for all along. He goes to the house he and Ava visited and breaks in, saying goodbye to the life they won’t have.

And we end season 4 with Raylan patching the hole in Arlo’s wall, from which sprung the mystery of Drew Thompson, Raylan “learning” of Nicky Augustine’s death and considering Arlo’s grave as “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” plays us out.

Raylan’s final body count: 2 for the season, 17 total

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