Justified Season 4 episode 8 recap

Hangover thoughts from last week’s episode: We definitely met Drew Thompson at that swingers’ party. My money is on Lee Paxton or Gerald Johns, the dudes who put the screws to Boyd. Speaking of, a lot of people objected to the idea that someone tells a Crowder what to do. But think about it—Bo Crowder was backed by the Cuban mafia, the Dixie mafia is backed by Detroit. I don’t think it’s beyond reckoning that these guys might have been picking up the slack while Bo Crowder was in jail for years and years. Besides, didn’t our collective, “Boyd will f*ck your sh*t up HARD” reaction say everything about these Clover Hill rich idiots thinking they run Harlan? They’re living on borrowed time, probably literally.

Also: Totally slipped my mind but Gutterson at the VA hospital with his Army buddy is the first time we’ve seen him after hours where he’s not drinking/drunk. Maybe he’s not the high-functioning alcoholic time bomb I feared. Or maybe he’s just a terrible hypocrite, riding his buddy about going to meetings while he himself slides into the bottle. We’ll find out.

Oh yeah, and “Ella Mae” is actually “EllEN Mae”. I am so sh*t with TV show names.

I forgot how much I liked Sheriff Hunter before he tried to have Raylan killed. He’s one of the only people in Harlan that can deal with Raylan on the same level. Still, he’s reluctant to give up Drew Thompson. Seriously, who is this guy?

Gerald Johns is trying to plan Boyd’s murder of that mining boss, Frank. He then explains how Boyd is basically his garbage man. Boyd is like, “I am going to fling acid in your face. Just as soon as I figure out how to bleed you dry first.”

HOLY SH*T. Did Sheriff Hunter just kill Arlo?!

Raylan is going to be PISSED if anyone else got to kill his dad.

Drew’s ex/widow is browsing mugshots. She’s probably full of it, but she’s spunky. I don’t think any show consistently writes such interesting women as this one.

Raylan attempts to blow off the news about Arlo getting shanked. They don’t think he’ll make it through the night. But…it’s Arlo. He’s a wily old coot. Right?

Boyd goes to see Frank, who is crotchety, and Frank, too, is like “Insults to your FACE!” Boyd is going to end up killing everyone on Clover Hill at this rate.

Boyd doesn’t tell Ava that Frank didn’t go for his “buy your life” plan. Lying to Ava doesn’t ever end well. And someone (probably Johnny) is tormenting Colt about losing Ellen Mae. He wants $20K for not telling Boyd. Crowder’s bar is turning into a powder keg.

Wynn Duffy turns up to warn Boyd that if he doesn’t find Drew Thompson some scary Detroit gun thug is going to kill them instead.

And enter the Detroit gun thug, dressed as a sheriff’s deputy. He offs Frank, so at least that’s one thing less on Boyd’s plate.

How has Thomas Haden Church not been on Justified? Doesn’t he seem like he’d fit right in?

Aw, are we going to have an ill-fated Sheriff Shelby/Ellen Mae romance? Except Shelby won’t stop pressing about Ava.

Oh, so here we go. That drug dealer that Gutterson and his buddy visited is dealing to Colton. And Colton wants to borrow the $20K, but ends up killing him. Because Colt is f*cking crazy. And he’s on a crash course with Gutterson. That won’t end well for one of them. At least he finds some money.

And—oh crap. Mark, Gutterson’s buddy, witnesses Colton killing the drug dealer. And Colton found him. So a) Mark is still using and 2) he is F*CKED. Because now he’s in Colton’s vortex of crazy.


No doubt Colton will frame Mark for killing the dealer. Because Mark is dead, and convenient. And Gutterson is going to open some serious whoop ass.

Raylan and Arlo in the prison hospital. Raylan is pressing for Drew Thompson’s identity. Arlo’s response, “Kiss my ass.” Father of the year, that one.

Is everyone in Clover Hill kinky? Fifty Shades of Fried Kentucky.

The Detroit gun thug kills another guy on Clover Hill. There’s a hooker tied to his bed. Poor hooked tied to the bed. That’s not a good place to be.

I really like Sheriff Shelby. I will miss him when he is inevitably killed.

Ha! Boyd gave Wynn his “enemies list” to have the gun thug kill them, thinking they could be Drew Thompson. See how Boyd works?

The gun thug is “arresting” Boyd and Raylan is like, “Son, you don’t give me orders,” and then blows the guy away. Raylan is having like, a REALLY bad day.

And there it is—the promo shot in context. Justified does these really cool promos before a new season that takes something from the season and dislocates it, making it tough to tell what is really happening. Raylan just did this to Detroit gun thug, but in Boyd’s bar, not the woods. LOVE.

Colton being around a little league game scares the bejesus out of me. Colton being around anyone scares me, actually. He’s so crazy. And yep, it was Johnny extorting him.

Boyd cuts out Wynn Duffy, making a deal directly with Nick Augustine and Detroit. Bold move. Duffy is a fruitcake. I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side.

Could Shelby…be Drew Thompson? His wife left him 25 years ago…he wants to see the widow…hmm.


And Raylan’s like, “Oh yeah, he’s dead. I heard an hour ago.”

Art and Raylan actually bargain over how much bereavement time Raylan will take. There is surely no love lost between Arlo and Raylan, but there’s also—Raylan is clearly thinking if they bag Drew Thompson, Art will retire on a high note and he’ll be up for the chief deputy spot, since he closed the big case. But Raylan’s life does not work that way. It will blow up in his face.

Boyd has Furry Arnold plus Lee Paxton and Gerald Johns in his bar.

And here’s the second part of his play—he used Nick Augustine to cut off the Clover Hill connections in Harlan County. They have no one to dispose of Boyd now. And he wants $100K from each them. Plus…A DAIRY QUEEN.

Lula, who lives near the real Harlan, was just telling me how the DQ is the happening place around town, but the show has never mentioned it. Well there you go. Boyd wants a DQ. Because they’re like “California real estate—value may dip, but it always goes back up in the summertime.” OMG. I love Boyd.

We say farewell to Arlo. Whose last words to his only son were, “Kiss my ass.”

Raylan’s body count so far: 2/17
Number of Dairy Queens: 1