Justified Season 5 Episode 6 recap

No one’s plan is working out. The theme of this season is consequences as many long-running threads throughout Justified begin to come to a head, but all those consequences are arising because no one’s plan is working out. Not one thing can go right for anyone, best illustrated by Dewey Crowe not even being able to make a ransom demand right thanks to crap cell reception in the hills of Kentucky. Let’s start with Boyd because his plans are the most shat-upon ones.

Boyd is going to kill everyone. He’s already taken care of Lee Paxton and Sheriff Mooney, now he’s got to sort out the guard at the Harlan prison and we’re adding some white supremacist asshole named Gunner and his sister to the list for betraying Ava. Boyd arranged for Gunner’s sister to protect Ava at the state penitentiary (so let’s assume he was the one paying for her protection at the Harlan lock up, too), but Gunner and his sister think he’s a “race traitor” because he’s abandoned the Aryan brotherhood, so the sister jumps Ava.

He just can’t escape his white supremacist past. It was a non-issue in seasons three and four, but it’s come roaring back this season, and this time Ava is paying the price for Boyd being a racist idiot. Although on the flipside, since Boyd is a “know your enemy” type, all that reading about slavery he did comes in handy when he and Wynn Duffy meet with the Mexican cartel representatives. We know that all that study was done for less than noble purposes, but Wynn is able to play Boyd’s knowledge off as an interest in history, which gives him a talking point with the scary cartel ringleader. Their actual deal-making goes smoothly, but Hot Rod warns Boyd that Cousin Johnny is lying in wait, ready to disrupt the actual drug deal. Nothing ever goes to plan for Boyd.

Enter the Crowes. Their plans aren’t really working out either. Dewey wants to leave town but has no money—remember how he started the season winning a $300K settlement against Raylan? That money is already gone, leeched away by Boyd and his own kin. He can’t even sell his above-ground pool because Raylan shot it full of holes. Dewey is increasingly depressed and I’m worried he’s going to do something drastic before all is said and done. His cousins are the more obvious short fuses but Dewey has nothing left to lose, and that’s always a dangerous place to be in Harlan County.

Things aren’t going much better for the other Crowes. Danny has disposed of the Haitian’s body but he immediately turns around and kidnaps one of Boyd’s men, intending to ransom him. But because he also ran Allison off the road Danny has Raylan after him, too. Having Raylan sniffing around brings an end to Danny’s half-baked ransom plot and also their living arrangement as Raylan manages to get the guy they intimidated into giving them a house to live in to rescind their “rental” agreement. Unintended consequence: The Crowes are just about to quit Kentucky because Raylan keeps f*cking up their plans when Boyd shows up and hires them to muscle for him. Boyd is almost backed into a corner and is increasingly desperate, and now he’s got the volatile Crowes working for him. That is not going to end well.

Raylan’s plans aren’t in quite as bad a shambles as everyone else’s, but that’s mostly because his only plan this episode is to kick Danny’s ass for hurting Allison. Although that doesn’t actually work out for him as the ass-kicking honor goes to Rachel (and as much as I do love Rachel and Raylan having heart-to-hearts in the car, I would like to know what’s happened that Gutterson can’t buy more than ninety seconds in an episode. We’re halfway through the season and woefully below our Gutterson quotient). The sh*tstorm is looming, though, as the episode opens with Art punching Raylan in the face.

They’re keeping it out of the office—to protect the other deputies, Raylan intimates to Rachel—but you know it can’t last. Eventually Art is going to want the details of just what, exactly, Raylan has gotten into, and there will be a LOT of consequences from that. His conversation with Allison is especially poignant because as she says, Raylan is a hero, it’s just that most often he has to save people from the messes he is making. But the messes keep getting bigger and you wonder how much longer it will be before he can’t save everyone. Or anyone.

Raylan’s body count so far: 2/19