Justified 3.4: “No matter how weird things might get”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 8, 2012 16:52:10 February 8, 2012 16:52:10

Hi Sasha, I NEED a leather vest – can you get me one? D


You must be reading my mind because D, I’ve been trying to source a fly one out for myself as well.  So how about you and I go on a shopping date into some celebrity closets.

It’s always good to dream big, right?  Glad we agree because this Rick Owens black vest is my wet dream.  The reality though is that it belongs to Cameron Diaz - the chick is always snapped in this sucker, so if you can dole out the A List dough go for it!   

For something a tad more affordable, check out this Vince Camuto which, by the way, Jessica Alba is a big fashion fan of.  While it definitely leans on the moto side of things the soft details in the zippers and lapel drape pretty things up. 

But if moto is what you want, then take a style page from Demi or Selena and cop this TopShop biker vest. 

On the flipside, you can go ultra feminine with this ruffled up DVF.  I know a lot of you emailed me about it when you saw Kristin Kreuk wearing it around this summer.

Finally, I leave you a Rachel McAdams pick.  Peep your peepers on this cropped vest by Hurley – it’s been sold out for months but I just found one on EBAY.  Race you to it!

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