Do you think Selena and Justin will reunite for the holidays? You know how it is – a “Merry Xmas” text turns into a Christmas tree emoji and the next thing you know they’re making plans to meet for New Year’s Eve. That’s how these two work, and even though Selena seems to be a little more focused lately, anyone can get a little emotional watching Love Actually in their pajamas.

Justin and Selena are drama. You know who else is drama? Ariana Grande. And Ariana and Justin have something in common: manager Scooter Braun, who just signed a deal with the CW to develop a television show about the music business.

I am definitely down with a television show about the music industry, and we need a good one. Glee is ending this year but seriously, when was the last time anyone watched Glee? Nashville has gone to sh-t (which is a shame because Connie Britton and the score deserve better than the material). Also CW = teen drama, which can add a layer of camp that music dramas need.

And in terms of experience, imagine the stories Scooter could tell about minimally talented spoiled brats, stage parents and unsavory hangers-on. He doesn’t just nurture the artist, but he deals with machine, which, for me, is the most interesting part of fame. Celebrities can be boring, but the drama surrounding them isn’t.

Will there be a young stage mom who thinks her son is the second coming? A one-side-only-of-the-face-off between a cocky young pop star and an over-the-hill diva? A “cool” dad who wears True Religion jeans? And the promise of guest stars – will Bieber be able to resist a walk-on? Of course he won’t.

In theory, it would be professionally precarious for Scooter to reveal too much about his clients, but really, would they even recognize themselves in the material?