You must Believe...and then Delete

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 14, 2013 16:46:25 March 14, 2013 16:46:25

Textbook. Again. The exceptions are the ones who DON’T f-ck up, remember. And there are fewer and fewer and fewer of them.

Then again, it depends on your definition of f-cking up. If they’re millionaires many times over, that may not qualify as a f-ck up, at least not yet. By Justin Bieber’s standards, being rich means he’s not a mess. At least that’s what he’s arguing on Instagram. Was arguing on Instagram. I think? Kids who get pulled out of school at 14 to perform and be idolised generally don’t really talk much sense, especially not on the social network, as we old people like to call it.

He raged on Instagram today. I’ve attached the screencap below, necessary because he deleted it. JB went on and on and on about Believing, and how hard he is to Believe, and how great he is at Believing, and why Believing is his only mission. God gave us Justin Bieber to teach us how to Believe.

He Believes so much that...he deleted his Believing post.

That’s conviction, non?

Chronic deleting is totally Believing.

Bieber is currently in Madrid. His father arrived today and his mother is supposed to join him too. She may be there already. It’s the family support never saying No. Cheerleading only. Which, as you know, as I keep saying, is part of the f-cking problem. The other problem?

They burn out.

See Britney.

See Lindsay.

See Shia.

See Christina.

See all.

There are laws in place, in theory, to protect children from being overworked but they only pertain to how much time they spend on a set; these laws can’t be enforced off-set, in an environment when fame doesn’t get to punch out on a time card. Eventually it runs out...

Although, you know, as Justin Bieber says:

"It must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning [for me]. I know my talent level ..."


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