We were at a dinner party the other night and that big GSP UFC fight was on in the living room. Everyone there was into it and I get that it’s a huge deal now, across demographics, but I couldn’t stomach the violence. At one point there was blood pouring from one of their heads. I mean POURING. It’s pure athleticism and raw, brutal courage, and I can even see the artistry in it too but I also feel like people aren’t just watching a sports battle but watching a particular sort of sports battle where one of the very possible outcomes could be that someone dies. Isn’t that part of the fascination behind the interest in the Felix Baumgartner stunt too? Come on. They kept saying how they didn’t know how his body would react on the descent, and the thought of him landing on the ground with a lifeless thud attracted more than a few viewers.

Me? I’d rather watch a breakup. A live, dramatic, fluctuating breakup.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

Previously on Selena & Justin: The Breakup, they spent the night at the Four Seasons and Jelena Was Unbroken. Click here for a refresher.

The next day they went out for dinner but five minutes later left in a dramatic huff because Selena got mad. Then she went home and he followed her home but she made him wait outside while the paps shot him getting more and more frustrated. Click here for more details. 

Unfortunately she let him in before he blasted a Peter Gabriel song from the speakers of his Ferrari -- F*CK Selena, you couldn’t draw that sh-t out for another 15 minutes?

On Saturday, Selena needed to be with her girlfriends so Taylor Swift held her hand and gave her some ice cream and told her to “follow her heart”. Then TMZ reported that JB was coming around to the idea of not being with Selena anymore and that, in turn, she was the one pushing for reconciliation.

Last night Justin took his ma to the AMAs and wore a leather beater tank. I have asked Sasha were this might be available because I want one BAD now and plan to wear it under a white tuxedo blazer. During his first acceptance speech JB told the haters to f-ck off and during his second acceptance speech he stumbled on his words and I was totally hanging on every word to see if he would mention Selena and it totally seemed like he wanted to and was going there but…

For some reason he held back.

But…after the show, they were holding hands!

Click here to see the video.

And JB also slept over at Selena’s last night.


It is currently 9am in LA.

They are probably still in bed. Which means they’re still together.

It could change when they wake up.

This is currently my favourite show.