If Beyonce didn’t sh-t on everyone with her baby, my favourite part of last night’s MTV MVAs would have easily been Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Did you see their pre-show interview?


He was talking to her about his pee pee. So f-cking cute. Look at his face looking at her face when he says “Johnson”. He’s so into her. Even Jacek, who was watching beside me, did not want to punch the kid in his face. Of course Sasha and I were all over it on bbm. I can’t get enough of #JustinLovesSelena. I cannot get enough. Also I live in fear of when they’re going to break up. Because it will happen. Sasha summed it up best when I mentioned this to her last night. Her response?

Don’t. Please hush. Don’t speak of such things.

No. Let’s not. Not when we can enjoy #JustinLovesSelena so much right now. So much! Um, did you see him cutting his eye at Taylor Lautner backstage when Lautner and Gomez were presenting? How much do I love that Bieber is the jealous type? Why am I 12?? ?

Photos from Wenn.com and Christopher Polk/Gettyimages.com