If you live outside Canada, and you’ve never been to Canada, you probably don’t know what the f-ck. But Swiss Chalet is one of our iconic chicken houses. But not fried. And you either LOVE it or you HATE it. Especially the Swiss Chalet dipping sauce. Like, I’ve probably had this debate at least 150 times in my life. Me I think it’s gross. Others love it so much. And then we start yelling about it.

No, no, we don’t just walk around in parkas in and out of our igloos arguing about chicken. It’s just... Swiss Chalet is very Canadian.

Anyway, Justin Bieber took his gf Selena Gomez to a Swiss Chalet today which... I don’t know what it is, but these two are really, really entertaining me lately. Maybe it’s just me and my friends but Bieber discussions have also been burning up our blackberries and iphones. (I just really wanted to put a lot of Bs in that sentence.)

Last week, Duana, Lorella, and I had this discussion after the photos of the two of them getting teen romantic in Hawaii were posted. Duana wondered if it was an immigrant thing – like, I STILL have a hard time kissing Jacek in front of my parents; Lorella, whose parents are Italian, agreed. My ma has hissed at people on the street for so much as brushing a lock of hair off their partner’s faces. Even handholding sometimes warrants a cut eye.

At the same time, growing up, a lot of my Canadian friends and their folks, they were ok with the PDA. Full on mouth on mouth kissing in front of mom and dad, no problem.

Bieber’s mother was around when he and Selena frolicked. People like us, Duana, Lorella, me, children of immigrants, it’s jarring.


Then the conversation devolved to this, per Duana:

“Also, if Gomez’s mother hasn’t learned from the Spears girls and hasn’t got that child on supervised Depo shots, well, then, she doesn’t deserve to be a stage mother at all.”

I laughed for the entire day.

This is why we love our friends, right?

Anyway, the Swiss Chalet is in Toronto and apparently Selena is meeting Justin’s family.

Photos from A. Macpherson/Todd G /Splashnewsonline.com