Justin Bieber flew to New York last week from Toronto after setting off a storm of sh-t here at the police station. He was apparently detained for 5 hours upon arrival on alleged suspicion of drugs. Now NBC News is releasing details from the official flight report. According to the pilots they had to wear oxygen masks because they were getting hotboxed. Team Bieber’s behaviour is described as “abusive”, and that includes his father, who was on the plane with JB and supposedly partying with his crew. (Someone needs to set Jeremy Bieber up with Dina Lohan.) I heard that at one point, they allegedly locked the flight attendant in a cabin and when they finally let her out, she stayed in the cockpit with the captain so that she wouldn’t have to deal with any more sh-t.

Look, the partying and the wildness, I get it. I get that you could make an argument for it because he’s 19. But how do you excuse the way he treats people? This is a boy who was once at an award show, surrounded by sycophants, and when a poor volunteer made the mistake of asking him, “Hey Justin, what’s up? Where’s the party tonight?”, stared the person straight in the eye and said, “None of your f-cking business”. Once, at a live show, when he saw that there was an intern wearing a similar outfit, he refused to go on stage until the intern changed. “I’m wearing that. Make him take it off.” There are so, so, so many stories like this I could fill up today’s entire blog’s schedule.

That, to me, is all character. Can you “fix” character? Can you “mature” out of character? George Clooney once said it and I’ll repeat it, again: fame stunts your growth at the age it arrives. Justin Bieber might be 15 forever. And an asshole.