It's one thing to declare war on the paps. The paps don't have the resources Justin Bieber does. And many civilians would find it hard to sympathise with a pap. But Justin Bieber has a new adversary now.

JB returned home yesterday and allegedly drove up and down his street aggressively in his new ride, supposedly threatening the safety of his neighbours. One of those neighbours objected to Bieber's behaviour, and did what his parents should have a long time ago: he stormed into his house and told him he was way offside.

So Bieber told the neighbour to f-ck off, threatened to kill him, and then his bodyguard lifted him up by the armpits, toddler styles, so that Bieber could SPIT IN HIS FACE. This is what the neighbour told the cops (without the part about the bodyguard and the armpits, which came from my imagination but, really, how do we know that it didn't happen that way?).

Bieber defenders would say that if you barge into someone's house uninvited you deserve to get some spit in your face. The neighbour however considers this assault. And he's telling TMZ that he's pushing hard for Bieber to be charged. TMZ says the man is a "successful businessman" with 3 kids. If he lives on that block, the same block as Justin Bieber, I'm inclined to believe it. So this person presumably has some influence. And cash. Enough that he may not as easily intimidated by celebrity intimidation and bullying. As for public opinion, well, here's a family man who's just trying to protect the children.

How will they deal, then, Team Bieber?

Will they bring in the grandparents? You know, the ones he has on tour with him even though they're assigned to a different bus and only see him for breakfast once in 3 weeks?

Will there be a visit to church? Ebola Paris Hilton tried that move when she was in trouble with the authorities.

Will his single ma now speak out on his behalf to defend her little baby and rally her mommy mafia onside? My boy is being unfairly targeted! Those who are special are at the mercy of the ordinary! God's son is being attacked!

It requires a certain temperament, non? To spit in someone's face while telling them you're going to end their life? does it escalate?