Early yesterday, it was reported that Mariah Yeater, the woman who claims Justin Bieber made her baby, had dropped her paternity suit and was dumped by her lawyers. By midday, her new lawyer, who looks like he sells used cars, insisted that Mariah is still pursuing the matter, only they’re doing it out of court, with confidential DNA testing and confidentiality agreements ...

In other words, they straight up want the cash.

Then TMZ unearthed some text messages that Mariah’s been sending her friends, begging them to delete some other text messages that suggest that JB is not the father and pleading with them to help her convince people otherwise, going so far as to offer them a cut of her settlement.


I’m out.


Not writing about this anymore.

To think it started out so promising. And now she’s either full of sh-t or the worst, worst, worst scandal manager EVER. If Mariah Yeater had been f-cking Tiger Woods, he’d have been exonerated by now, that’s how much she sucks.

Here’s Bieber in Spain yesterday on El Hormiguero. He’s been in Europe at least 5 days now with Selena. DOESN’T HE MISS HER????????????????