Dear Dads: if you buy Justin Bieber’s fragrance for your daughters it means they won’t get down with Scott/Chad/Todd in the back of car without a condom...

This, basically, is the message, isn’t it?

Needless to say, it’s funnier to the 14 year old than to the 40 year old. At the same time, I wonder what it’s like these days for the teenage boy: do they really have to live up to...

Justin Bieber???

When I was 14, you know who the boys had to live up to?

River Phoenix (Stand By Me, 1986)
Rob Lowe (Youngblood - OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS MOVIE, 1986)
Jason Patric (The Lost Boys, 1987)

Is it me or is it the times?

But then, while part of me remembers wanting Rob Lowe so hard, there’s another part squealing with delight over any shots of Bieber loving his gf. Like here, this week in Mexico at a friend’s wedding, the two of them still buried under the thick intensity of first love...   

I don’t want to hear it from you about his pants, ok? They are reaching for each other on a beach and she has flowers in her hair. What is the problem???