Finally. A legitimate challenger to McGosling, Rachel and Ryan!

People kept asking Genie Bouchard about Justin Bieber during her breakthrough year. Sh-t, even I asked her about it. Because when she was, like, 18 or something, she mentioned somewhere that she had a crush on him. And they’re both Canadian. And cute. And, OMG, they’re literally almost the same age. Born the same year, just a week apart. Now both 21.

So check it out – yesterday the two played tennis for charity at the Annual Desert Smash hosted by Will Ferrell in La Quinta, CA. As you know, for the last few weeks or so, JB’s been doing nothing but being a good boy, showing up on Ellen once a week, apologising repeatedly, staying out of trouble, not spitting on anyone or throwing eggs at any house.

Is that…growing him?

Like actually growing him?

Genie is not a short girl. I’ve stood next to her. Her waist is practically my tits. And I was in 4 inch heels.

But look at JB next to her. It’s pretty much the same. Is Justin Bieber 5 ft 10 now?