In Toronto, I work out of the CTV Building which is also the MuchMusic Building. MuchMusic is a big deal for teens. And there are often young girls lined up around the block waiting for an appearance. One day, it was over a year ago, Michelle and I arrived early in the morning and they had camped out, barely able to contain their squeals. M told me it was for Justin Bieber.

What’s a Justin Bieber? I asked.

So she explained about the YouTube phenomenon and the Usher connection and I tried to remember being 12 and I couldn’t. Cut to now and he’s everywhere and everything. And that f-cking hair. This must be why LipGloss Zac Efron doesn’t wear his hair that way anymore. Because Justin Bieber happened.

That. Hair.

Is the same.

As Joslyn James.


She’s one of Tiger’s porn star mistresses. The one who called a presser with Gloria Allred wearing a wig. A wig modelled after Justin Bieber.

See? The same.

Son, you need a new cut.

Photos from Frederick M. Brown/ Jason Merritt/