If Madonna thinks he’s hot, are you still giving me sh-t when I say I think he’s hot?


But I’m telling you, if you just look at him and you don’t think about WHO HE IS, he’s hot.


Fine. We will agree to disagree.

Anyway, time for JB’s weekly appearance on Ellen. At this point I’m now wondering if they’re going into business together. He showed up during the Madonna interview to play Never Have I Ever which… Madonna Has, basically everything. Of course JB wanted to play because it gives him an opportunity to let you know that he’s had lots of sex before – in bathrooms, with two girls who are sisters – and they’re flirting, he and Madonna, because he’s not exactly out of her age range, and he thinks he’d have enough game to meet her exacting standards.

You just laughed? Me too. But I did really enjoy these two clips. Can you picture JB dating an older woman? Some guys can own that vibe. Like Ed Westwick, for example. Could totally see him with an older woman. Miles Teller? 100%. Justin Bieber though? Nah. Not even I can imagine that.