I will tell you this – almost all the producers at etalk, and they are well into their 20s and 30s, are all over the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez baby love. As you know, if you’ve been reading the last few weeks, me too. It’s like puppies! How can you deny puppies???

Bieber was not on the presenter or the guest list last night at the MuchMusic Video Awards. His girlfriend however was co-hosting. And, well, it wasn’t exactly a surprise then that he showed. To collect his awards, sure, but also, you know, because it’s teen romance and that’s just how that sh-t works.


(It was kinda awesome about the Kelly Kapowski tee, non? Even though he wasn’t born yet?)

Their moment together on stage was exactly the kind of cute-awkward that is making adults go weeee. Um, should I kiss you? I really want to. Everyone’s looking at us. Hi! Let’s hold hands later, ok? I miss you already!

My moment with Bieber was decidedly less... remarkable. I was standing alone in the back hall at etalk on my blackberry, naturally. It was a secure area, and his security brought him back after arrivals to a private holding space. They wanted to bypass the press and the catering so they snuck through our office. I look up from my tweet and he’s heading straight for me.

I got “what’s up”-ed by Justin Bieber.

My response, “Hey.”

And then back to my Twitter. He was gone.

I headed into the main etalk pod where all the producers were lining up our show and told them he just walked by. You should have heard the scream of disappointment that they’d missed it. And you should have heard their even louder screams when I said he what’s up-ed me and I didn’t stop him and, like, bring him over to our desks for cupcakes.

Anyway, he and Selena took off together in the same car after the show. It’s all very sweet and adorable. I will say this though, in addition to my comments above about the difference between Lady Gaga and everyone else...

No, I’m not insisting Selena should walk up and down through the masses to greet fans. But as the co-host of the MMVAs, would you expect her to at least come back stage to spend time with the press corps? Promote her album? Promote the show? The experience? Nothing. She walked the carpet, showed off her dress, hosted the show, and took off. Not even the photo wall. The PHOTO WALL!!!

Lady Gaga?

Opened the show, closed the show, (which is why she couldn’t walk the carpet) did the etalk Lounge interview, then a press conference where almost a hundred journalists were crammed into a small corner of the building, sat right up in their faces, no complaints or security beefs, happily answered questions, did a few online one-on-ones, and the photo wall.

I’m just saying that Gaga understands the hustle. That the girl understands work and drive. And a lot of others, her peers, remember Gaga is JUST 25, seem to have missed that class entirely.

Photos from PUNKD Images