We can fight about everything else. But we can’t fight about this. There’s no debate. Even though it’s Justin Bieber…

What he’s wearing here, custom Balmain by Olivier Rousteing is everything that the MET Gala was supposed to be last night.

Double dragons up the sleeves?

The double-breasted shirt?!?!



The fit of the pants?

There is no Chinese person on this planet who isn’t down with this. It’s built into our DNA.

And this is why I was so relieved to see that Selena Gomez brought it too. The bouquet of orchids around the back of her head is a dream. The dress is a perfect fit. I love the tassels dangling at the back. People say she always looks like a young girl. Lovely young woman now, non?

JB wants you to know he noticed. Click here to see the video on TMZ. Does he want it to get back to her…or is he trolling? Like patronising?

I’m going patronising. Punk.